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Best Mobile Games: August 2022

Wait, what? You wanted to know about the best mobile games in August 2020 that are not just visually stunning but also challenging.

Aug. 2022 is a big month for mobile games. Here are the best games that you can play on your phone or tablet.

Noah's Heart

Noah's Heart is a sci-fi that gained popularity before release and was a highly anticipated title. Players get to explore the beautiful open world of Noah and like any RPG, complete quests and battle it out with monsters. One of the game's highlights is that it was developed on UE4 and is entirely free to download.

It is a game in which there is a planet named Noah. The game Planet Noah offers a fantastic opportunity for explorers to socialize, it is where you will step into the metaverse of a different world. Through a wide variety of lifestyles, you can meet new friends from across the globe. Whether you wish to share the joy of exploring in the wild or even fight side by side with your guild members, there will always be a place for you on the planet to join in with others.

The game has a huge map. Also, exploration is really cool. Like you get a jetpack and a grappling gun thingy for scaling stuff instead of climbing

Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp

A standalone RPG has now been released on Android and iOS. It has two modes, Development (a board game-styled mode) and Battle, both of which would be quite enjoyable for any Danganronpa fan. The game does come with a price tag of $17.99. It is a massively enhanced version of Ultimate Talent Development Plan, the board game from Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony.

The stage is set at the tropical resort of Jabberwock Island, and players improve their characters via the "Development (Boardgame)," "Battle," and so on.

The main part of the game is in which players will develop their character over 50 days (50 turns) of summer camp on Jabberwock Island.

Roll a die to determine how many spaces to move. An event will be triggered depending on which square the character lands on.

Each character has various stats, including level. Character stats improve by leveling up, stopping on a Growth Square, or interacting with other characters on Event Squares.

Bosses placed by Monokuma and monster battles triggered by Battle Squares will impede the player's path along the way. Talent Squares grant Talent Fragments, which grant characters new skills.

Players will also need to acquire weapons and armor at shops and treasure chests as well as utilize cards featuring useful effects to their advantage.

In conclusion, there are a lot of awesome mobile games that are great for most people. So no worries if you're bored sometime. Just try out the games we mentioned above and you'll be sure to have a great time in your free time!

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