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Intro to Metasploit - Learn about Metasploit in 2022 (Part 1)

Want to learn how to use Metasploit?

This article is going to teach you everything you need. However, before we get started, you might want to take a look at our list of blog posts and read at least one!

So I am Nitin Yadav(KD) back again with another write-up. So today we will learn about the Metasploit framework.

If you want to be a good penetration tester. You should know that there is always something new to learn.

As a penetration tester, one of my favorite tools is the Metasploit framework. This tool allows you to test your newly discovered vulnerabilities by performing injections, disguising attacks, and so on…

Metasploit is a very popular open-source penetration testing framework. It's used by security professionals to test the security of networks and applications; by wannabe, hackers to try and find vulnerabilities in classified systems, etc.

It is a collection of Linux and Windows exploits, payloads, and other tools for penetration testing and security auditing. Which allows you to use hacking methods from the most popular exploits, escalate your privileges and gain full control over your target computer.

In simple words, you can understand Metasploit as a combination of sub-software that is combined to be a framework.

And Framework is a combination of many tools.

So from here, we got our Metasploit Framework.


In 2003 H. D. Moore created a portable network tool using pearl. But in 2007 it was converted into ruby to increase its scalability. Because they wanted it to be a core-based tool.

And because of this language dependency was completely vanished.

Like now you will code an exploit in some language and upload it to Metasploit then it will be converted into ruby.

So after this, it was becoming quite famous for its work so a company named rapid7 took over Metasploit.

And after that rest is history and we all know that.

Today Metasploit is one of the most popular tool among security researchers and penetration testers.

Today Metasploit has many editions that are:

  • Community edition which is CLI based- which we all use mostly (I use. Don't know about others and also comes pre-installed in Kali Linux)

  • A pro edition

Comparison between Metasploit Framework and Metasploit Pro.

The feature that Metasploit pro contains but Metasploit framework doesn't

  1. Network discovery

  2. Basic exploitation

  3. MetaModules for discrete tasks such as network segmentation testing

  4. Integrations via Remote API

  5. Simple web interface

  6. Smart Exploitation

  7. Automated credentials brute forcing

  8. Baseline penetration testing reports

  9. Wizards for standard baseline audits

  10. Task chains for automated custom workflows

  11. Closed-Loop vulnerability validation to prioritize remediation

  12. Dynamic payloads to evade leading anti-virus solutions

  13. Phishing awareness management and spear phishing

  14. Web app testing for OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities

  15. Choice of advanced command-line (Pro Console) and web interface

The feature that Metasploit framework contains but Metasploit pro doesn't

  1. Basic command-line interface

  2. Manual exploitation

  3. Manual credentials brute forcing

But we will talk about the community edition which is the Metasploit Framework.

What is the need for the Metasploit Framework?

So now you all must be thinking that what is the need for this tool. Why do we need the tool and Can't we hack without Metasploit Framework and what it has made easy for penetration testers.

So to understand the need for the Metasploit Framework let's take an example.

You are a penetration tester. And a company named XYZ hired you for testing their product for vulnerability.

You are happy about that and started preparing for that.

Now the day comes when you have to start your testing.

So while testing you found a vulnerability. So now the next step will be to exploit it so you searched about the vuln and found an exploit.

But wait now you have to download that exploit and then you can test.

But what if you found a tool where you found that exploit is present there so you need only that tool which has the exploits and only you will search there.

That tool is Metasploit Framework.

Now let's understand how Metasploit has done our work easily.

Let's say Windows 10 has a vuln that is exploitable and you write an exploit for that in python but wait think for a while.

How many people know python or are masters in python.

The answer is very few.

So very few can change the code for their purpose and have to write his/her own code for use.

Now everyone in the world has their mastery in some other language so they will write the same exploit in all the languages so that everyone in the world can use.

To solve this problem Metasploit comes in front.

So when a vulnerability is discovered Metasploit tests it and gives a ranking based on its impact to the exploit for the vuln.

And if you as a penetration tester took all the exploits written for the vulnerability. It will take ages to know what is the main problem for you to understand.

So, Metasploit will collect those exploits and combine them so that you can use the exploits in one place and will not need to install each and every exploit.

And the best part is you need not change anything in the code just search for an exploit and run it for your target.

Isn't it simple?

So that is it for today guys I hope you enjoyed it.

If so please comment down below.

We will learn about Metasploit in depth in upcoming parts.

I'll meet you in another write-up another day.

Thanks for reading.

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