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Social Engineering: A Guide To Social Engineering | Part 1

One thing you can learn from many successful hackers is the art of social engineering.

This is one of the most commonly used tactics in cybercrime, which explains why Social Engineering has been included in many computer security training materials.

Social engineering is the new hacking.

It's a multidimensional art of taking advantage of cognitive biases and social patterns to fool your way into the most valuable information in the world: human trust. Mastering social engineering can help you exploit this vulnerability in order to get anything you want — even things that you don't realize you want.

You've probably heard of social engineering, but do you know how to exploit it? Social engineering isn't just about infiltrating a company. It's also about getting the information you want out of people in a way they'll be willing to give it to you.

It's not just limited to social media. It can be used in many other areas as well.

In this Series, we will be looking at social engineering from the perspective of a penetration tester. So let's see what we have in our first part.

You know about penetration testing but it's not always about finding vulnerabilities or firing exploits. Sometimes you need to be a bit crafty and a bit crazy to perform your pentest.

In this blog series, we will be mastering the art of social engineering.

It is a skill that every pentester should have. And it's not like other stuff in which you should know the technology and then you try to break that with your payloads and exploits.

Social engineering is an art that will change every time person or his background will change.

Let's understand this with an example -

We have two people, one has an interest in computers and games, and the other has an interest in music and art.

So we are sending a mail to both of them to find some information.

So we write a mail for it.

We can't send the same mail to a person who has an interest in music and art.

Social engineering is a bit complex, as it deals with the mind of our targets.

In this article series, we will learn about types of social engineering and tools that can be used to perform social engineering attacks.

You will gain skills by learning how to build a social engineering attack using tools within Kali Linux.

By continuing to explore and solidify your social engineering skills, you can build a social attack, which, if executed on the right targets, can lead to you achieving your goal by using minimal software exploits.

So that is it for this article.

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