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Nuclei Templates


About Nuclei

Nuclei is used to send requests across targets based on a template, leading to zero false positives and providing fast scanning on a large number of hosts. Nuclei offer to scan for a variety of protocols, including TCP, DNS, HTTP, SSL, File, Whois, Websocket, Headless etc. With powerful and flexible templating, Nuclei can be used to model all kinds of security checks.

Install Nuclei

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To Install it

Nuclei requires go1.18 to install successfully


go install -v


nuclei -h

Choose Nuclei

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Nuclei immensely improve how you approach security assessment by augmenting the manual, repetitive processes.

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Pen-testers get the full power of our public templates and customization capabilities to speed up their assessment process, and specifically with the regression cycle where you can easily verify the fix.

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Easy to re-test vulnerability-fix by just re-running the template.

Nuclei Templates

A collection of 2000 plus nuclei templates

Thanks to the Project Discovery team for this awesome tool

Get in touch with nuclei team!


Nuclei Documentation


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